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Personal growth and self-improvement endeavors are our way of attempting self creation. We try to grow and improve ourselves to create who we want to become. Sounds simple enough. But most find that it’s a huge challenge to make even the simplest changes sometimes. That’s because often our biggest obstacle is ourselves.

My name is Jim Zboran. I’ve been a life coach specializing in Intentional Self Creation for over 10 years in my private coaching practice. I call my self creation framework and methodologies ‘intentional self creation’ because they are distinguished from what we all do from birth: self create. That is, we ‘create’ ourselves. Who we are. Our ‘self’ is the sum of all of our actions, experiences, and beliefs that we’ve acquired to date. But we don’t ‘intentionally’ create ourselves. We self create by allowing ourselves to be created by circumstances and by will and whim of others.  

Jim Zboran
Jim Zboran, Self Creation Coach

That Works Great. For Some People...

For some people that’s great. It works out really well for them. But for most, that left them ill-equipped to intentionally create the next place in life they want to be. They find that they become their own worst enemy when it comes to change they intend to make. They self sabotage, struggle with discouragement, are frustrated, and can’t figure out why they do the things they don’t want to do. And they don’t do the things they want to do.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Just as the self created all their lives, they can now continue to create who they are. But now they can do it with intention. They can decide who they want to be rather than allow others to define that for them.

How About You?

Are you attempting to grow personally and improve yourself in some area (or many areas)? Are you finding the going to be very difficult and frustrating? It doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, I’ve seen tremendous positive change come for my clients amazingly fast. But they needed to learn how to create themselves intentionally while at the same time undoing the self creation that had occurred by circumstance and chance. You can achieve your self improvement and personal growth goals with far greater ease when you’re not working against yourself. I can help you find the areas you want to grow in. I can also help you discover how to make breakthroughs in what has been holding you back. And I can help you move forward as you continue to create yourself in life, but this time according to your own intentions. It all starts with a quick 20 minute ‘get-acquainted’ call. No cost, no obligation. Call to schedule today! 

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What Jim's Clients are Saying...

“...helps people grow...”
“Jim has a strong ability to be encouraging to others. He offers unique insights about important personal growth areas and expresses those insights in inspiring ways that helps people grow in life-changing ways.”
Jacqueline Aiyana
Fibre Artist
“...clarity and direction...”
“Jim has the unique strength of being able to give both clarity and direction to a person, even when that person doesn’t realize they need either one.”
Sarah Rainey
Professional Organizer
“...has the ability to recognize what is valuable...”
"Jim can look at 'the big picture' to find problem areas, and then apply effective strategies and techniques that help work towards improvement in the given set of circumstances. He has the ability to recognize what is valuable (or potentially valuable) in certain ideas, people, and/or solutions.”
Derek Leander
Freelance Writer
“Jim does a great job at seeing where people are and helps them to understand themselves… giving clarity to those who want to accomplish things in their life.”
Shirley Holt
“ to hear the real message...”
“Jim is very often able to hear the real message that someone is trying communicate.”
Jeremy Smith
Real Estate Investor

About Jim

Jim Zboran is a Self Creation Coach with over ten years experience working with private life coaching clients. He helps his clients achieve their personal growth, self-improvement, and avocational goals even if they have been unsuccessful with that in the past. A large and vital part of his work is helping clients find breakthroughs from their mindset limitations. When clients struggle with negative self-talk, self-image, or self-sabotage, Jim works to helps them ‘re-map’ faulty mindsets, habits, and negative life scripts that are getting in the way of their success. Call to schedule your free consultation on a 20-minute telephone call or online meeting today! 1-888-474-8101.